23 January 2009

Announcement: Revanche

From The Criterion Current to all the respected film-house's followers, a new brief tells of the label's codistributed (with Janus Films) Revanche (2008): a film "both an existential thriller and a quiet, character-driven rumination on fate and grief," detailing the capricorn relationship between a thief and his meretricious girlfriend. The film, the ninth feature from Austrian director Götz Spielmann, is described as being a "classic crime flick" and one that has just been nominated for an Academy Award in the Foreign Language Film category. As the brief goes on to note, the film therefore "joins a long lineage of Janus first-run releases that have received attention from the Academy [hyperlink added] (from nominees Dodes’ka-den and The Horse’s Mouth to winners Through a Glass Darkly and The Virgin Spring)."
Though Revanche has yet to be released publicly on this side of the Atlantic, it has already won a slew of praises and prizes from festivals around the world. So, while there will no doubt be much revelling in it when it does finally reach our U. S. theaters (i. e., this Spring), until it does, be sure to check out its official website, here, where you can view its trailer as well as read all sorts of other interesting information about it - including commentary from its director, quotes from its critics, and even a production diary from its script supervisor.

As for the folks at Criterion, thanks for the heads up - we definitely look forward to seeing it - and good luck on Oscar night!

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