21 January 2009

Addendum to and Amendment of "On Cinematography This Year"

My other blog, In Focus, has just recently been updated with a bout founting from the happy intersection between its own aims and topics and the aims and topics of this blog, A Year in Film. The bout contains observations and descriptions that not only touch on the merits of intersecting the two blogs and the reasons for intersecting them now, but also elaborate on the choices that I made in my previous post, which it follows, On Cinematography This Year. Finally, it offers up an alternative or amendment to be made to the list of 11 favorite cinematographs from the films of 2008, a list that I counted in that previous post. The amendment, a still from the animated short Skhizein, comes in precedence of its origin-film's surprise filling of my fifth slot in cinematography, in my list of nominations for the 2008 SpyGlasses Full, the rest of whose categories will be finalized by tomorrow morning in pointed advance of the annual Oscar-nominations' announcement scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30am. Further blogging here will no doubt commence thenafter tomorrow, until which time enjoy the short films!

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