13 January 2009

Coincidence: On Kate

So, I'd been hoping to save any recollection of this hilarious episode of the now ended HBO series Extras for if and after Kate should win the Oscar for either of her two award-winning performances this year, performances which - let's not anyone be hasty - she has even yet to be nominated for (as the Oscar nominations don't officially come out, despite rampant suspicions and expectations, until the 22nd of this month); but, seeing as Ricky Gervais, star and title character of Extras, found it appropriate to jump the gun (and misquote himself) and announce the coincidence on live television this past Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards' ceremony (from which Kate went home with both statuettes-accolades in a widely unsuspected, unexpected coincidence itself), who am I to deny hilarity in foreshadowing to the masses? Below, please, witness the Extras clip to which I refer (and in which Kate plays an appropriately cynical and potentially Oscar-crazy parody of herself on spot [a parody that may well apply to the real-life personages of several other high-caliber yet still 'officially unrecognized' actresses out there]). (Hint: [From HBO] "Holocaust=Oscar.") Enjoy!

The clip (from the pilot episode of Extras; see specifically time ~3:40 for the relevant bit):

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