19 January 2009

I'm Going with "Snazzy Privy"

Animation World Network (AWN) has done it again! The site, which yearly features (in great layouts) all the nominees for both of the animated categories of the Academy Awards, is as of today featuring what appears to be this year's collective batch of animation nominees (reproduced below) - yes, this year's, in full three days' advance of the official nominees' announcement by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS). I admit, until that official announcement, on the morning of Thursday, 22 January, we won't know for sure how fully accurate this list is; but, taking into account the preview from last year, I'd say they're fairly spot-on. The complete lists of these projected nominees for Animated Feature-Length and Animated Short films are here, reproduced below:

Animated Short
Glago's Guest, Disney
La Maison en Petits Cubes, Kunio Katö
, Gobelins (Viewable Here)
Presto, Doug Sweetland (Viewable Here)
Skhizein, Jérémy Clapin

Animated Feature-Length

Kung Fu Panda
Waltz with Bashir

P. S. I've just discovered (via the Splog at Michael Sporn Animation, Inc.) that AWN can stand to be so accurately presumptuous about its projected nominees for the Animated Short Oscar category every year at this time, because every year at this time the long list of potential nominees is revised (
based on the votes of the preliminary screenings) and then rereleased to the voters, who be, as a short list of (from the initial 40) just 8 potential nominees. With just 8 options for the 5 nominees' slots, it's easy to see how they at AWN can seem so prescient to those of us who aren't in the voting know. To even the playing field, the 3 of the 8 that are not being listed by the folks at AWN are listed here:

Lavatory Lovestory, Konstantin Bronzit (Viewable Here)
This Way Up, Smith & Foulkes (Viewable as a Free Download via iTunes [until 25 January])
Varmints, Marc Craste

And how to predict the feature-length nominees is just by common sense.

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