13 January 2009

Addendum to Coincidence: On Kate

It seems like I wasn't the first to publish a post on the magnificent Kate post her double-Globes win on Sunday (though arguably the first to publish one on that Extras tie-in); bloggers all over the blogosphere have been plugging away at contributing to the great actress, perhaps on the cusp of history (should she in fact be nominated for both categories and - dare I say it, lest I jinx it - win both at the Oscars). Here, below, are two of my favorite of those other posts, the former a sort of paean to her striking repertoire, containing clips not only from her Extras work (for which it may be here worth noting that she was nominated for an Emmy [i. e., "Guest Actress in a Comedy Series," 2006] that she in what was until then true Kate--awards'-ceremony fashion ultimately lost [to Oscar-winner Cloris Leachman, who won for her great work playing Ida in Malcolm in the Middle]) but also from her filmic and Oscar-nominated work (the highlight of which is certainly her work in 2004's brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - work for which Hilary Swank robbed her the statuette); the latter a more modest consideration of her work from the Times.

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