31 August 2006

Discover Sondre

In the spirit of my last post, which I feel has broken through the former presentiments of this blog, I am inspired to post now, without any hesitation, about one of my very favorite artists, the glorious Sondre Lerche, coincidentally whose new single, Phantom Punch, is about to be released. Mr. Lerche, much like OK Go - at least to my eyes - has stayed dismayingly below the popular radar, despite some obviously burgeoning and brilliant talents. Yet, with a style most swanky, a repertoire more varied, and a genuine appeal to be aspired for, Lerche far outdoes any perceived competition. I give him my highest esteem: 100% smooth and kick-ass. :)

Discover OK Go

So, I just had to post the link to this video, because 1) OK Go is amazing, 2) the video is so genius (in the best etymological sense of the word), and 3) I'm so happy that they just pulled it off live at the MTV VMAs. So, go and watch it.


P. S. Check this one out too.

P. P. S. Pre-VMA-performance pep talk with JC. :)

24 August 2006

Films for the Fall

Hey, film-fans. Here are some of the films to which I am most definitely looking forward this year.

New Site!

Yay! A new location for my blog has been established, thanks to Google! I expect this new site to be even better than the last one (A Year in Film) and to definitely look a little nicer. Perhaps I may even expand the blog's purpose a bit. Who knows? Anything's possible. Stay tuned, bloggers - there's a lot more film-ing to do. :)