17 January 2008

Animation Slip-Up? Or Just Snazzy Privy?

The consistently solid website AWN.com, which yearly features (in great layouts) all the nominees for both of the animated categories of the Academy Awards, is as of today featuring what appears to be this year's collective batch of animation nominees (reproduced below). (Yes, you read correctly: today.) For you readers who are puzzled by why the date matters, I'm sure any such puzzling will end when you read the following: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) has yet to officially release its list of nominees for any category; the official press release is scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday (Jan. 22). So, I must ask (and do so nevertheless in complete deference to the work of all the listed films on AWN.com, for none is undeserving of the honor of a nomination [and many are my personal picks]), do they at AWN.com know something that we don't know? Or are they, like many, just doing their best to predict the yet-to-be-announced, real lists of nominees? AMPAS? AWN.com? Anyone?

Best Animated Short
How to Hookup Your Home Theater
I Met the Walrus
Madame Tutli-Putli
The Pearce Sisters
Prokokiev's Peter & the Wolf

Best Animated Feature
The Simpsons Movie

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