03 February 2009

Announcement: Turner Classic Movies' (TCM's) "31 Days of Oscar"

Turner Classic Movies (TCM), since 6am on Sunday, 1 February, has been in full swing of its traditional "31 Days of Oscar" tribute/marathon. The event, a continuous and frequently thematized stream of films from the entire Oscar canon, though designed as a marketing tie-in with the Oscars for TCM, is nevertheless a beautiful way to see lots and lots of older movies while remaining comfortably at home (and eschewing those interstitial Netflix waylays). With the stream virtually guaranteed to play all the classics at one point or another, one need only tune in to see such films as North by Northwest (1959; shown), Adam's Rib (1949), and Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), which coincidentally is scheduled to air tonight, at 2am. If that hour be too late for many of you, as I suspect it would be, you need only to diligently set your little DVRs and then catch the film when you have the chance - but do remember to set them, for TCM does not repeat. Repeat: TCM does not repeat. On the flip side of that con, however, is that TCM does pull out some snickety old gems that only the most discerning or privy of moviegoers would otherwise, ordinarily, have access to. So, be on the lookout and enjoy! A widget displaying rotating banners for what (I presume) will be airing on any given day will be displayed in my (newly resized) sidebar until the the end of the stream.

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