22 February 2009

Kate Wins(!) and the 11 Best Films of the Year in Film 2008

I must start this post by saying that Kate looked gorgeous tonight and, if appearance mean anything in the Best Actress race, its tradition has upheld the winner in that category for this second year running.
I must also say that I'm so happy that Kate finally has a statuette! She so deserves to have one for the work behind her (and not necessarily for this one rôle), and now she can make a true pair with her husband, Sam Mendes.
Finally, I must say that I actually feel good about most of the winners this year, unlike so many other years, even despite my personal differences of opinion - but then those differences are why I have this blog and my own awards. So, let's get on to 'em:

The 11 Best Films of 2008 (listed alphabetically) and Their Grades

  • Auf der Strecke, A-/B+
  • Changeling, B+
  • Doubt, A-
  • Frozen River, A-
  • In Bruges, B+
  • John & Karen, A-/B+
  • Låt den Rätte Komma In (Let the Right One In), A-
  • Rachel Getting Married, A-
  • Man on Wire, A-/B+
  • Milk, B+
  • Slumdog Millionaire, A-/B+

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