05 February 2009

Announcement: Criterion Event in Columbus, OH

I must say, I'm suddenly a bit envious of all of you who may be in the Columbus, Ohio, area this upcoming Monday, 9 February, since on that day Criterion will be hosting a screening of its Simon of the Desert (dir. Buñuel, 1965) title there, at the Wexner Center for the Arts. This event, which will be accompanied by a 30%-off(!) sale of Criterion DVDs at the adjunct Wexner's bookshop, will also include a reception, question-and-answer session, and pre-film discussion of how Criterion does what it does so well, in addition to the screening - altogether making a package that one would be silly to miss, if one were nearby. To learn more, get directions to the Center, or listen to a podcast about the event, see the original posting on the Criterion Current, here.

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