08 February 2009

O, Paolo

Paolo Pellegrin, eminent photographer of the Magnum ilk, has done a spectacular job of capturing some of the honored, to be honored, and honorable actors and actresses of the films of this past year in his new photographic collection for The New York Times. Among his photographed thespians, a dapper Frank Langella, a semi-occluded Mickey Rourke, a self-conscious Penélope Cruz, a quotidian Brad Pitt, and a worn Robert Downey, Jr., (all shown above and below) are the highlights, though the series as a whole stands up well as a cross between pictorial journalism and investigatory portraiture. Viewable now on the Times' website, here, the collection I applaud for including among such respected members the rising actress Kat Dennings, who has been a delight ever since her demandingly brilliant guest turn in Sex and the City's aptly named episode "Hot Child in the City" (2000; excerpt of Ms. Dennings therein shown below). Please, do check them out.

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