04 February 2009

Background: Taking Woodstock

A brief article from Seven Global gives us a small history of the upcoming book-to-film adaptation of the memoir Taking Woodstock (Tiber) by Mr. Ang Lee. The film, produced by the consistently 'high-marks' Focus Features, originally received mention on this blog back in September, when Entertainment Weekly posted this photo of Mr. Lee commencing production on set with his traditional Big-Luck ceremony. Due out in theaters 14 August 2009 (according to this post on the Focus Features' Editors Blog), the film will no doubt be on critics' minds for the next awards' season, Winter 2009.

P. S. Though it's been a while since this post on the Focus Features' Editor's Blog, kudos are due to the cast and crew of Taking Woodstock for making it a green-minded production. Read how here.

P. P. S. That same list of upcoming 2009 releases by Focus Features includes a bunch of other prospective gems: new entries by each director Sam Mendes, writers/directors Ethan & Joel Coen, and animator/director Shane Acker, who is adapting his previously Academy-Award nominated, animated short 9 (2005) into a feature-length event, co-produced by Tim Burton - cool.

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