20 March 2009

Announcement: Criterion Endocytoses The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Via Awards Daily comes this just terrific news, that late last year's much-nominated release by David Fincher The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is receiving its inaugural DVD and Blu-Ray-disc releases via perhaps the most well-regarded film-distributing house today, a house that holds under its name some of the most celebrated works by the greatest acknowledged masters of film ever (e. g., Akira Kurosawa, Alfred Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini), The Criterion Collection. Though the Collection's website has yet to reflect the news, the press release and the (above) doctored box art for the film assure us of the veracity of this just terrific claim.

Now you, discerning reader, have probably by now noticed that I've chosen to use the adjective "terrific" twice to describe this news from Hollywood and, indeed, chosen it carefully I have, fully aware of that word's dichotomous and precipitously polar sides. While there are some no doubt out there who favor one of the two possible slants of that word, you my dear reader have no doubt, for the previous history of this blog with regard to the Collection (see here and here) and to that film (see here and here), uncovered that I place myself well on the other side of the coin; and in response to the news, I have only and emphatically to beseech The Criterion Collection itself, "WHAT?!" with full palm to forehead, eyes closed, and vigorous head shake.


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