26 March 2009

Yes, Yes, and Yes: Leading Actresses in 2009

Quickly following up on the heels of my previous post, about one of the prospects for film in 2009 (namely, Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock), comes this new post filled with less thrilling-looking films than thrilling-looking performances, specifically performances by actresses in leading roles this upcoming year, actresses some of whom will no doubt be passionately discussed here at the year's end, January 2010. (For the record, just from the photographs, I have my money on Meryl Streep. Cheers, Meryl!) In brief, with links to the shoal-filled amalgam from which these bits were culled (i. e., Awards Daily), here is a list of these exciting-making performances (in no particular order):

As an interesting, only tangentially related post scriptum, it is worthwhile, I think, to mention, like Awards Daily has, that The Special Relationship does, like last year's late Revolutionary Road did, reunite two actors who have previously played an prominent on-screen couple to a second round of on-screen coupledom and, as such, the film provides an interesting mental venture, that somehow, in a strange, coincidental, and crossed-realities kind of way, the reunion (in this case, of Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore) may provide film-goers with a mind for remembering their previous on-screen marriage (i. e., as Frank and Cathy Whitaker in 2002's beautiful Far from Heaven [Haynes]) a chance to reimagine how else that former marriage may have gone, had circumstances therein been different. Though not fodder for serious debate, since it is generally bad practice to tow in line with actors their entire lists of previously portrayed characters, in this case and in the case of Leo and Kate the matter is certainly food for meta-artistic thought, perhaps about the lives of such characters beyond the borders of the screen and the parts of those people who portrayed them that may linger, as, it would be difficult to deny, the two versions of marriage that those couples share inextricably do lay over one another, as if in tantalizingly perfect cosymmetry. Perhaps there will be a more official post on this matter when I've had a longer period of time to think about it, later. Certainly other historical examples, if such a post were to be done, would have to be breached. Until then, what do you think of it, reader? I'd be interested to know; do leave your thoughts, if you have any, in the comments section below. Thanks and happy blogging!

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