10 March 2009

Announcement: Grey Gardens on HBO

Another adaptation of the cultishly popular documentary Grey Gardens (1976), a part of The [much here mentioned] Criterion Collection, will be introduced into the cultural stream this upcoming Spring by virtue of the production team over at HBO. The made-for-TV movie, which will feature Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange in the leading rôles of the Big and Little Edies Beale, was filmed primarily off-location, respective to the still-standing Grey Gardens estate in East Hampton, NY, (that is, was filmed in Toronto, Canada) during Summer and Fall 2007. Though HBO, who were late backers of that production, has yet to release an "official trailer" for the piece, there are yet teaser pieces available scatteredly online, pieces that reveal the film to be drawn equally from the double-act structure of the recent Broadway musical adaptation as from the original documentary: encompassing therefore as much a reimagined retrospective of the Edies' life in in the '40s (i. e., in their hey-days) as a recreated portrait of their eventual life in the '70s (i. e., in their by then dilapidated manse Grey Gardens). Such pieces, as the clip (below) and the photo (above), also reveal the extensive costuming and set-decorative efforts that went into the production and into masterfully redressing its scenes which by now have become iconic examples of recent post-modern sociocultural erosion.

Be sure to stay tuned for feature updates and, of course, the inevitable review. :)

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