27 October 2009

Trailer: Invictus

I was halfway through the trailer for Clint Eastwood's upcoming spawn when the boom of his loathable filmic mark was levied upon me; for, until that halfway point I had been laboring my conscious under the misapprehension that for once in a great long while Mr. Eastwood would and could deliver to the American public (and indeed the world public all over) a film that spake toward serious issues and of great minds without needing a dismissive, bastardizing, and altogether mawkish plot-device to make its wheel turn. As you may see in the half of the trailer that followed that intermediary mark, my disillusionment, realized by the fact of Mr. Eastwood's casual displacement of the plight and the life of a figure like Nelson Mandela for the sake of embracing the chummy tropes of the game (i. e., here, rugby), was fated; as I see it now, there is little to nothing that that man, by others called director, can produce that is not in a serious and almost disgraceful way deleted by his unnecessary yet persistent clinging to feel-good scenarios and banal breaks for filmic fodder. While there can be no doubt in my mind that a role such as that of Nelson Mandela is one potentially historical-making for the likes of an actor Morgan Freeman, the filmic world in which that role and therefore that actor's performance of that role must both live nor too can be doubted as a handicap, rather than a vehicle, for those two otherwise already impressive and daunting feats. View the full trailer for Invictus here.

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