20 October 2009

Interview: Mira Nair

Following up on my yesterday's post of the essay recently written about Criterion's new release Monsoon Wedding (2001), I now present to you the sequel installment from the Current: an interview with the film's director Mira Nair. In this interview, Ms. Nair discusses her work on both feature-length and short films, her participation in the newly released New York, I Love You, and her lingering desire to direct a documentary-style feature on the Beatles' prolific period spent in India.

On a related note: While browsing the Music and Movies section of a local Best Buy last night, I chanced to spot the Blu-Ray of Monsoon Wedding hidden on a shelf - one day before its official release!; and, though I was able to desist myself from picking it up with the glee of a rarefied preview (since I had already, by then, ordered myself a copy online), I couldn't resist photographing the early-bird with my iPhone, all for posting about, here (at right).

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