26 July 2009

Announcement: Wes Anderson Does Stop-Motion(!)

Via Awards Daily: Wes Anderson, all-around auteur, is now venturing his talents, keenly grown in the world of live-action film-making, into the parallel world of stop-motion film-making: specifically, in his upcoming feature The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is slated for theatrical release in November of this year. As a personal enthusiast of Mr. Anderson and his work, I am surprised to have to admit that this occasion is the first in which I'm hearing of this film, especially when considering its within-six-months release. Adapted from the classic Roald-Dahl book of the same title, preview photos for the film seem to indicate that Mr. Anderson has deferred none of his own classic, stylistic choices in bringing the tale to the "silver screen;" a large, skillful cast, elaborate sets and interiors, and a distinctive photographic eye paint what's sure to be another memorable addition to his and film's œuvre. At its very least, the film is instantly one of my year's-end, most highly anticipated works; in short, I am so excited! (The trailer will be posted as soon as it is released.)

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