16 May 2009

Trailer: Precious

Another trailer for the lot here I present: the trailer for the film recently honored by a standing ovation at Cannes Precious. A work by producer/director Lee Daniels, producer of the well remembered Monster's Ball (2001), the film appears to quite sensitively depict the life of an underappreciated, overweight, black, and teenaged female by the name of Precious, a rôle played quite delicately - it seems - by newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, as if that life were itself a channel through which to express the angst of adolescence, of poverty emotional and physical, and of strife elementally human. Though of course it is still quite early for me (or anyone) to be lavishing such descriptions on it as facts or to be pretending end-of-the-year accolades, especially when the film still remains outside of my experience, there is something indescribably right and transformative about the tones of light, sound, and emotion conveyed by the trailer for this little big film that makes me believe that at very least - in recollective consideration of Halle Berry - the film is headed for nomination(s). As - who knows? - this film could turn out to be the "Frozen River (2008) of this year," I'll be keeping you all posted on whatever develops regarding it. Until then, enjoy the trailer (embedded from YouTube below).

P. S. No way: That's really Mariah Carey?! She looks so beautifully natural without all her typical air-brushedness that I almost didn't recognize her face.

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