14 May 2009

Trailer: Nine

The domestic teaser trailer for director's, Rob Marshall's, filmic adaptation of the popular Broadway-musical adaptation Nine is released today, and in all it shows the film to be stylistically no different from the way in which Mr. Marshall presented his last big musical adaptation, the much wowed but here recognizedly unsupersalient Chicago (2002). Presenting again Mr. Marshall's own unique brand of obliquely shot, dramatically choreographed dance sequences and erotic-dreamlike, hyper-sensual imagery - the kind laced with curls of smoke and embossed in red red red - the trailer reveals the film to be exciting, no doubt, but skillful, only possibly. Sure, its cast is tremendous but, if the feature like the trailer relegates all the non-uber-attractive, non--hiss-pop-and-bang of the action to the background (e. g., especially the older women of the cast [i. e., Sophia Loren and Judi Dench]), then the feature surely will fall flat. Contrast, Mr. Marshall, contrast - you seem so much to love it in your imagery but yet so much to ignore it in your overall storytelling. In any case, I'm feeling better about Daniel Day-Lewis' replacement of Javier Bardem as the lead and Federico-Fellini doppelgänger, Guido Contini. Nine is set to be released on the 25th of November of this year.

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