29 April 2009

Trailer: Julie & Julia

Yes, yes, and yes: It's here, the trailer for Julie & Julia, a semi-biopic featuring Meryl Streep impeccably "Bon apetit!"-ing herself into the role of Julia Child (and Amy Adams providing a cutesy, mainstream-esque, self-Cinderella-ing tether, much in the way of Anne Hathaway's Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). While certainly it is too early to tell whether or not Meryl is on the road for another great performance, it certainly is apt now to declare that it may be so. Her throaty polished tone and tittering laughter reveal the beginnings of what could be another astounding creation. Check out the trailer (below) to see what I mean.

Julie & Julia is set to be released on 7 August 2009.

Bon apetit! (I think, I may start using that phrase now for a while, to sign out of messages and posts. We'll see.)

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