15 December 2008

Article: Revolutionary Road (and Gran Torino)

Here's an interesting little article from the Times, issuing a little background both on the creation and the foundation of the upcoming domestic drama Revolutionary Road, a project whose leading lady has been apparently also its leading proponent.

If you so desire, here's another small article from the Times, this time about the ever curmudgeonly Mr. Eastwood and his completely socially haphazard movie-making/style. Read it if you must, but (ugh) please, don't go see Gran Torino: It's a total joke. Changeling was a total fluke of serendipitious quality; Gran Torino is a trainwreck of stereotypical Eastwood blather, as much stale cracker as crack stalwartism. Singing, Clint; are you joking me? I'm only asking because - well - I was laughing. If you had to ask, for the record, Grade: D-.

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