01 December 2008

Announcement: A New Short from Aardman (and the Annie Awards' Nominees' Announcement)

Aardman Animations, Ltd.; the studio behind the brilliant Wallace & Gromit (W&G), clay-mated series; is set to release a new short film to that series, entitled Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death, later this month on BBC One. A long-time admirer of the series as well as of the other films by the studio (e. g., Creature Comforts), I am extremely excited about this unanticipated release just on the horizon, though I am as yet uncertain whether the broadcast will be aired for my viewing here, in the U. S., as it will in the U. K. While I figure that issue out, check out the Aardman website for the film here.

On a related note (and by way of my discovering the existence of the upcoming W&G short), the nominees for this year's Annie Awards, dedicated to celebrating the best in a year's animation, were announced today. Other than for me the existence of the new Aardman short, the flagging of Pixar's Wall-E in the nominations, behind both the less critically celebrated Bolt and Kung-Fu Panda, was (I suppose) an unanticipated surprise for many people - though the part of me that pretty much derided those people for practically soiling their pants over that only mediocre Pixar release wasn't as much surprised by the flagging as it was gleefully preserved. On that note, let's see what happens.

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