23 January 2007

A Slim Year

Earlier this film year I posted an opinion short that bemoaned the ultra-slim pickings this year, as far as excellence in film goes, and, despite some rumblings as the season progressed and some cries of post post - hehe - dissent from other bloggers, whose opinions on the matter I believe were likely clouded by the intoxicating buzz I described just a short while ago, it looks to me as though I had been right. Nothing major has really shown this year, with the notable exceptions Little Children and the leading actresses - stiff competition there - of course. Though Sacha Baron Cohen did not ultimately garner himself a Best Actor nomination from the Academy, the lack of thoroughly awards-worthy fare is evident in the nominees. Consider that the Best Picture nominees share among them all a total of just six nominations in the 'smaller,' or more technical, categories, as MovieCityNews points out. Surely the fact that those films, destined to be remembered in pop culture as the 'best films of the year' for their Oscar nominations in that category, were not even good enough to garner the sufficient technical merits to support their ostensibly prominent statuses is evidence more than enough, to call to this film year "What is happening?"

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