23 January 2007

The Oscar Nominations

I'd just like to say that I officially called both Mark Wahlberg and Monster House (as well as Alexandre Desplat's score of The Queen) and that I officially am disappointed by the lack of Little Children nominations - come on, people, come on. Also, no Volver in foreign language film??

OK, taking a more general look at what and whom they've nominated this year in the major categories, I'm tempted to say that they've gotten the nominations mostly accurate, with a few missteps for their schoolgirlish crushes on people like Clint Eastwood. We'll wait to see what the rest look like, to form a final opinion.

Having had a better look now, I think that their directions were still fairly accurate on the whole. I'm glad of that the work of Patricia Field costuming The Devil Wears Prada was nominated, that the difficult editing job for The Departed was rightfully acknowledged, that the Pan's Labyrinth score was recognized, and that Jackie Earle Haley was not insanely overlooked. As for my disappointments, well, you'll just have to wait, to see what my own nominations will hold - an announcement which I've reserved, passed the Oscar open, because I've been still waiting for the opportunity to see the last few films. Now, when my semester is finally over, it won't be long.

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