05 December 2010

Review: Black Swan

Genre: Drama / Thriller / Fairy Tale

Director Darren Aronofsky pierces the sky with his latest feature, Black Swan. A true cinematic experience, the film is so well done that it literally left me physically shaken as I was leaving the theater. Indeed, I thought to myself, This level of work is why I turn time and again to the theaters, why essentially I gamble my ticket's fare each time I see a new show: the hope that, when the screen illuminates and shows its imagery, a thing of this greatness will be elucidated from the dark. Mr. Aronofsky, Ms. Portman, cinematographer Matthew Libatique, composer Clint Mansell, and all others involved are all in complete control and in fervid abandon; like the dancer herself, they breathe "perfect."

Grade: A+.

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