16 September 2009

Poster Art: Love Happens v. Revolutionary Road

In browsing the always replete batch of trailers on sites like Apple Trailers and The Movie Box, in preparing for the seasonal Most Anticipated List that - a scant bit late, perhaps - I will post tomorrow, I came across the poster art designed to advertise the latest venture of former television star Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart: the romantic comedy entitled Love Happens. Though the film itself bears arguably little merit to be mentioned here, the poster art, a definite allusion to - if not derivation from - the poster art for another recent romantically tinged film, provoked its own post. For - surely, as anyone can see - that art bears a tremendous likeness to the art for the in-certain-circles celebrated Revolutionary Road (2008), a likeness that, one could argue, has bypassed the flattery of imitation and stridden boldly into the fray of replication. The white borders, tight wide image, typography, blithe faces, sexual blocking, shouldered embrace all scream duplication; and, given the likely lofty aspirations of the leading actress and her studio (aspirations which one suspects because of her previous Emmy-campaigns), one would not hesitate to not call such duplication accident, nor to scream back: Hey, big spender, find your own inspirations; don't be a fool, plagiarism isn't cool; and back up Ms. Aniston, you are no Kate Winslet. No?

Ever vigilant,

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