25 November 2008

Preview: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Score)

Via the folks over at AwardsDaily.com I am more than pleased to bring you Alexandre Desplat's mellifluous work on the upcoming and highly anticipated release of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: a score which Warner Bros. has magnanimously posted seemingly in its entirety here. Be sure to navigate the Flash correctly, if the score do not show up accurately upon arriving at the site. Happy listening!

P. S. Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard's score for The Dark Knight is entirely up there as well. Thanks, W. B.!

P. P. S. It's notedly irresponsible to do this, but I'm so pleased by Mr. Desplat's score that I've already placed him "Under Consideration" on the right, even though I've not yet seen the film - simply beautiful work.

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