09 July 2008

Worst "Best Actor" Winners?

OK, so I was inspired by my post from last night regarding the "Worst 'Best Actress' Winners of All Time" and now am set to tackle the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of the "Worst 'Best Actor' Winners of All Time." As I haven't really had a problem with any of the recurring actors ranked as among these "Worst" on the lists of other film critics - I haven't actually seen Scent of a Woman, which seems to be the consensus for the "Worst" - I'll just dive right in to my own (with the small mention that I was shocked to see Rex Harrison for My Fair Lady on one list, since he was so thorough and distinguished in that role):

  • Jamie Foxx, Ray - O, yes, I went there and I'm standing by it: He was an impressive mimic but absolutely not an actor in that role, totally rehearsed and overly controlled so that the performance was more robotic than fluid and more submersive than immersive - Should have gone to: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator
  • Roberto Benigni, Life is Beautiful - Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhh, emotionally manipulative and vacant and frankly just silly - 100% should have gone to: Ian McKellan, Gods and Monsters, who was tremendous!
  • Geoffrey Rush, Shine - A clear illustration of how blindly the Academy goes all in for any performance of a character that is in the least bit disabled/(in the words of Kate Winslet playing herself on the TV series Extras:) "mental" - Probably should have gone to: Billy Bob Thornton, Sling Blade
  • Dustin Hoffman, Rain Man - (The same reasons as those for Geoffrey Rush, which frankly are insulting to the mentally disabled and only serve to perpetuate instead of challenge their mass stereotypes) - Should have gone to: Tom Hanks, Big, which I love!
Other amendments:
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman's statuette for Capote given to Heath Ledger for Brokeback Mountain
  • Sean Penn's statuette for Mystic River given to Bill Murray for Lost in Translation
  • Tom Hanks' statuette for Philadelphia given to Anthony Hopkins for The Remains of the Day
Hmm, that wasn't as terribly exciting as I thought it might be. Well, I'll still finish up the major categories.

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