13 July 2007

Hype: The Simpsons Movie

Kwik-E-Marts are real!!!

As the latest phase in what I'm considering the brilliant The Simpsons Movie advertising campaign, there have been transformed many unassuming little 7-11s across the nation into actual, 3-D, interactive, in your very own neighborhoods Kwik-E-Marts! Yes, it's true. You too can visit the local and beloved delicatessen for whatever your immersive/fantastically indulged heart desire. The participating stores have, not only decked themselves out fully in tried and true Simpsons regalia, but also veritably installed into your potential the purchase of Krusty-Os, Buzz Colas, Squishees, and pink doughnuts! Now, while I can't advise regarding the health impact of consuming these various treats, I can say that their very existence is beyond cool. Why cool? Because such existence, not only adds to one's not-so-secret trove of pop-culture keepsakes, but also and moreover realizes the direction in which all media have always been and are continually heading: the breakdown of the division of the real and everyday from the surreal and magical. In short, it is the zenith of media's spearhead, at the extreme forefront - even leaps beyond any competing advertising campaign - of creativity. Immersion: the 'end-all and be-all' of art!! And Kwik-E-Marts are the best, currently possible example of it!! (Needless to say, if this campaign were the film, I'd give it an A+.)

O, and I haven't forgotten the classic boysenberry couches in theater foyers either...

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