27 March 2007

Mostly Quiet in the Film Year's Siberia

At this time of the year the studios traditionally have released or are releasing their crap/filler fare, perhaps half films that, they thought, could have made it big but just didn't materialize and half films that were never intended to materialize more than cookie dough in the first place. Of course, anomalies to these dregs are, worshipped (e. g., Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), but this year has not provided any such respite.
Despite these dour days, both inside and outside the theater, small written pieces about those whom we adore and yearn for may comfort some. On this note: check out this new piece in the New York Times about the extremely talented, yet grossly overlooked, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Its "Levitt-y" - I couldn't help myself - should do the trick.

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